Visiontek 4600 overclock report

I metioned a while back that i couldnt get a the Visiontek to run reliably in overclocked mode but that it ran great at factory settings. Well, i had a case cooling problem which no longer exists. Case if well cooled now and the overclock is stable. Currently i've only pushed it up to the following:

325Mhz processor from factory 300Mhz
700Mhz RAM from factory 650Mhz

It runs 3dMark2001 through infinite loops with no glitches, no artifacts, and no overheating. All tests run fine.

I'm pretty convinced that overclocking the graphics card doesnt help enough to warrant it though. The increase in 3dmarks was only ~300. I later overclocked my 1.7 p4 to 1836Mhz and gained another ~550 points. So, at this high end of things, i've come to the conclusion that overclocking the graphics card doesn't gain enough power to warrant the risk and stress over time on the card even though it seems to run fine.

Just thought i'd let ya'll know how the Visiontek stacks up for overclockability. It can probably even go higher but i wont be taking it there myself. I run it at its current overclock for 8 periods as it is.

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  1. Overclocking is a YMMV event. Your Mileage May Vary because different cards have different yields. Your video card might be a later batch, and thus higher quality overclocking, versus someone who got their visiontek the week the card came out.
    And many people are reporting better performance boosts from CPU overclocking with Ti4600 instead of video card overclocking. It seems as our CPUs can't take full advantage of the video cards. Oh my I can't wait for AGP 8x and some faster CPUs. Only if monitor and game technology could keep up. I'd love to run 1600x1200 with 4x FSAA 8tap anisotropic filtering on a monitor that has .18 or lower dot pitch. Gosh with the right game engine it would almost portray reality.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
  2. heh, Oni, My visiontek was purchased the day of release from compUSA. It was the only one they got in that day actually...funny thing, An employee hid it in the back and it took the manager an hour to find it for me. Regarless of it obviously being one of the first its obviously very high quality.

    About that awsome gaming rezolution etc-) Mine does play at those settings...only its just a 17" .24dp Flatscreen (not flat panel). Its pretty awsome, the nature scene in 3dmark2001 looks unbelievable at those settings. and with my pc overclocked like it is i rate 51fps in that test with up to 78fps at some places. The TI 4600 handles 1600x1200 32bit 4xS AA very well. A non-optimized game engine does have the potential to overload yer system and cause a hard crash though. I managed to do it with C&C renegade. Interestingly enough, it was not a system stability problem. The game at those settings simply overloaded the system... After a fresh reboot and killing all non necessary services it would run okay though with those options. Did that on Windows XP pro. Too see what renegade models look like with all those options on, check these 3 pics (be sure to set yer monitor to 1600x1200 32 bit first):

    "OOOOO Shiny things. I can make powerful equipment with shiny things!" - The imp Butler from BGII
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