Leadtek Winfast Geforce4 ti4600

I was just wandering if this card was compadible w/ the Asus A7V-333 Athlon/Duron/XP, Socket A, ATX, 3GB DDR-SDRAM 266MHz FSB Motherboard and the Athlon XP 2100+ (1.73 GHz, 256MHz, Socket A)- Retail Box. Is this Leadtek Winfast Geforce4 ti4600 card going to work with my stuff?
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  1. i dont see a reason why it wouldn't work with your setup.
    it'll work just fine, actually your set up is gonna kill 3dmark 2001... maybe a score of 11000+ ? and 300fps+ in Q3?
  2. i dont see why it wouldnt.
    AGP specifications are designed for a reason...
    cross platform compatibility.

    I had a very profound signature, but it was over 100 characters :frown:
  3. i wouldnt worry about compatibility if i were you...i would however, worry on the fact that the gf4 may not fit into your motherboard :wink:

    <b><font color=red>ATI</font color=red>'s drivers are like a broken faucet, they both keep on leaking...</b> :cool:
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