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geforce problems

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 8, 2002 8:14:20 PM

aftre playing medal of honour on my voodoo 5500 i realised it was time for a new graphics card. anywayz to cut the tale short i now have a geforce 4mx 440 - and everything installed and works fine except that now my computer no longer detects my cd drive.

i tried using the drive on a cable by itself
swapping between master and slave
all the wires are correctly installed but still no drive there

i have tried the drive in another machine to confirm that it works and tried another drive in my machine with no luck. i am pretty sure the problem lies with my new graphics card

any help with this will be greatly appreciated

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April 9, 2002 5:04:44 AM

let me guess, You are using windows xp?

Try to insert your old card, if it doesnt work, try to use the help in windows, cause I know of several ppl who have got the same problem as you...
April 9, 2002 7:20:03 AM

i'm currently using winME. I will try puting the old card back in shortly and let u know what happens.

Where the people who operated winXP able to find a way to get round this?
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April 9, 2002 7:56:43 AM


I have put my old graphics card back in and i still have the same problem.

Im pretty sure the problem lies in windows because the CDrom is detected by bios during boot up but not windows. i have tried detecting new hardware but it is if the device is invisble.

it maybe possible the software from the geforce4 driver disc has changed something in windows but i cant think of anything that it could change that could cause this!!!

your help is appreciated
April 9, 2002 6:28:43 PM

i have formatd my drive and installed windows XP - all is now right in the world.

Guess it must be a problem with my hardware and windows ME or maybe my hardware drivers and winME.

anyways problem now solved
April 9, 2002 6:32:25 PM

Well, ME does suck.

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April 9, 2002 8:37:18 PM

I'm too late but glad you got it working. If it happens again go into Safe Mode and delete the CDROM from Device Manager's list. Windows will redetect it on the next restart.

This works for other missing or incorrectly identified devices (most of the time).

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April 9, 2002 10:26:48 PM

Yeah I'm running dual os and when I switch from 2K to ME, I really can notice the difference. Sometimes when I'm even organizing some of the files in Explorer, the comp just dies for no reason. Other times, I get the blue screen of death that kicks me out of my game and so on and so forth. I'd suggest to anyone here that has ME to ditch it...... Hopefully I'll get XP pro soon.... hehehe