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I have a Radeon 8500 Retail running on an ABIT TH7II-Raid motherboard and it seems that i have these pauses during games such as Star Wars Starfighters & a little bit on Unreal Tournament. Does any1 know why or how to fix this? It seems that these pauses happened on games utilized Direct3D. My other games runs fine like Quake 3 and Serious Sam: The 2nd Encounter. Is this the driver problem or what? Anybody with the same card having the same problem as i am?
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  1. How much RAM do you have? Is V-Sync on?

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  2. i bought the radeon 8500 64meg a few weeks ago to replace my matrox g400 max. it was a big upgrade for 3d, and it rocked, but i had to return it because it kepted pausing and crashing my system. i tried all types of tweaks, and driver revisions, and nothing solved the problem. so im back on my matrox g400 max for now. i never crash on my matrox card, but 3d is quality is lacking. fyi, im running an athlox xp @1.5hz, 768mb pc2100, epox 8hka+.
  3. The Epox 8HKA+ has known incompatibility problems. The TH7-II does not. Yes, it doesn't always happen, but then again, even the VIA/SBLive problem doesn't always happen on the 686B depending on the BIOS settings.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  4. well, i have friends with the same mobo and the radeon 8500, part of the reason i bought it, and it works perfectly, no issues in 3d games. what can i tell ya?
    i just wish matrox came out with a new card, which has a decent set of 3d features, theyre cards are solid :\
  5. I agree on Matrox, I was waiting for their next big card after the G400Max but it never came, only the announcement they were getting out of 3d performance.
    I finaly moved on to nvidia.

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  6. I have 256 MB of RDRAM. I don't know about V-Sync. After i installed the official driver from ati. I just leave the default options.
  7. i hear that, i mostly do 2d work, grafx and video so matrox is the best solution for me. i play quake and what not every now and then, and thats where i suffer :\
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