Dark Video With a Geforce2Ti

Pentium III 800mhz
MSI Geforce2Ti with 64mb DDR (latest Detonator drivers, 28.32)
Intel Desktop Board D815EEA
NEC Multisync XV17+

I've had this problem for a long time...

Using the default gamma and brightness settings for almost everything, the video is way to dark. Dark enough so that it is hard to make out things. I could turn up the brightness on my monitor, however that just makes the dark areas a, 'lighter dark.'(i.e. they are a mass of dark grey rather than a mass of black).

Normally this is not a problem becuase I can boost the color correction gamma (Which doesn't affect half of the games anyways =(, and usually the games have their own gamma and brightness settings I can boost. However lately I have been noticing that multimedia videos (.avi, etc...) are not affected by the color correction, and none of the programs have a setting to turn up with brightness (WMP seems to have one, but it does nothing).

Currently my overlay controls are grayed out for some reason (even with the latest drivers), but even when they were not grayed out, adjusting them did not seem to fix the problem.

Also, if I play a game like counter strike that makes use of the Color Correction controls to make it brighter, but play after a game like JediKnight2 that sets them back to defaults. Even if I reset the color correction, CounterStrike is still dark, and making it playable requires a reset.

This problem (everything being dark) is more of a nuisance than anything, but it is something I'd like to fix.

So I was wondering if anyone knows why this may be happening, or may have a possible solution for it (I have tried different monitors, to no avail). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Also, in the display properties, the MSI Clock and MSI information tabs still show, even though I am not using the MSI drivers anymore. Does anyone know how to remove this? Thanks.
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