Geforce4 ti4200

I've seen many articles about the ti4200 but I don't think I've seen a release date for it. Anyone know if there is even a scheduled release date?
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  1. I read on the review (I think) that it will be shipping by the end of the month. (April) Although this is not a definite, I'm pretty sure it's about right. Looking forward to this one. Great Price/Performance Ratio!!
  2. Ya, it definitely looks like a great card. Unless ATI comes out with a competitor that will be the card I will buy.
  3. does ti4200 have mpeg2 hardware encoder like ATI?


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  4. Sort of I doesn't have idct which helps to decode the more cleanly.
  5. I'm from England and we are getting shafted.

    You Yanks can get a GeForce4 Ti4400 for $280 (Leadtek)
    Us Brits pay £270 = $432 (identical Leadtek)

    Which means $200 Ti4200 = £200 = $320!

    Arsebandits is all I can say
  6. Another here from the UK...and yes we do get ripped off.

    However i was wondering how much is the GF4 Ti4200 set to cost in Canada?

    and be released?


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