THG GF4 4200 Review- Comments?

What do you think?
I'm personally disappointed in the fact that they arent just offering one 4200 with 128mb of ram@500mhz.

Thats the card i was waiting for, hopefully with a price of $200 or less.
For me, I'm sticking with my Geforce 3 until the spring refresh of the NV30 in 2003.

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  1. Looks okay.... Yet i'm waiting for the R8500xt or the Rv250 to compare against the GF4 Ti4200.

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  2. I now find more appeal in the 4400 GF4 more than any of them due to the crappiness of 128mb@440 on the GF4 or a 64mb version then why upgrade from a GF3, I want 128mb of the good stuff.

    I think they could easily offer a 128mb 500mhz 4200 at $180 (street price). And eliminate all the GF4 MX line and keep one GTS cored board called GF2 Ti (which already existed before).

    I think nvidia is trying to fudge around with naming practices and prices and configurations (64mb fast mem vs. 128mb slow mem ect.) to get maximum money out of the market, which is smart of course but a little frustrating.

    As for the ATIs, its going to take the R300 to overtake the GF4 line but of course that is entirely useless to talk about things that dont exist. I dont take part in subjective almost theoretical conversations.

    Fact remains, GF4 is king of the hill. The 4200 is amazing but I would spent the little extra money for 4400.

    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  3. I have been waiting for this card for quite some time. I was going to get a 128mb ti200 for £150. If this is released in the uk for under £200 i may well get that. I have a gf2mx400 at mo. Would this be the right decision? 128 or 64?
  4. When you say Ti200 128mb you mean the 128mb 4200 GF4 correct?
    If so, if you want to be sure, wait until a website gets final boards and sees how they overclock. If you can hit 500Mhz on the 128mb version easily then go that route.

    But I would suggest going with the 64mb version and clocking it to 550Mhz of the 4400 myself. It seems to produce results comparable to a true 4400.
    I assume this is because the extra 64MB is not being used by current games, this might be a small issue in Doom 3 (64mb vs 128mb) but probably not until that game comes out.

    By that time you will be wanting the nv30 for Doom 3 so just get the 64mb 4200 :P


    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  5. I actually meant 3 ti200 but still thankyou for answering the second question.
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