Is this Worth it for the money??

Is it actually worth buying the GeForce 4 ti4600 over the Geforce 3 ti500....for the money? for the extra 100$ or so is there really that much difference..I think im better off waiting for the GeForce 5 when that comes out.. Probly won't have to wait to long for that, another few months hopefully by Xmas Time!

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  1. i dont think its worth buying the ti4600 over the ti500...i think it makes more sense to buy the gf4 ti4200 right now...
    now...about the gf5...if you want a good video card now...get the ti4200 or R8500...if you wait for the're going to be playing that waiting game until your system is too old to use a good video card...
    in other the time the gf5 comes'll be like, "what about the gf6? should i wait for that?" and so on so you'll never really get a card.
    my advice...if you want a new video card and the new product wont be out within the next month or so...then just get any one of the cards that are selling now...

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  2. Simple solution, do what i do. Buy it at compusa and pay the full retail price. Buy their 20 dollar 2 year instant replacement warranty. When the GF5 comes out, use the warranty to upgrade and buy a new 20 dollar warranty, your only down 20 bucks for the upgrade. When the GF6 comes out do it again. Again with the 7 and the 8 and the 9 and the 10 etc... get the idea? I been doing it since the GF2 Ultra. Went to GF and now TI 4600 and all i ever have to pay to upgrade is the 20 dollars for a new isntant replacement warranty. And its no cheating either, they advertise it as something you can use to upgrade. When you fill out the return form circle upgrading and they'll mark the product used and resell it as is or auction it on their auction site.

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  3. Only if you have money to burn.

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  4. It amazes me that they'd do that. For $20 they'll give you an upgrade to a card that might cost $400 or more retail? Seems like they'd lose money on the deal.

    Man, if we had CompUSA around here I'd do it.

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  5. Can this be used for everything purchased at compusa? For example, could I get a laptop or PDA and then replace it a year later for $20?
  6. Quote:
    I think im better off waiting for the GeForce 5

    You'll be waiting forever then, there will not be a Geforce 5 :smile:
    The next video card from nvidia will not be called Geforce. Right now no one knows what NV30 will be called, there are rumors it'll have 8 rendering pipelines. Before people were saying 6 but nvidia said that they are done in doubles (IE 2 then 4, then 8, etc.) I say go with a Ti4400 and overclock it to 300 GPU 650 MEM, do a little research, the right Ti4400 will clock that high with no problems. Current Ti4600's can't overclock very high unless you mod them. Maybe 315 GPU (roughly 8% overclock) and 715 MEM (10% OC)
    So overclocking a Ti4400 is much better 300 from 275 (almost 10% OC) and 650 from 550 (almost 19% OC) so you can see you get more for your money with Ti4400.

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  7. They sell 1 or 2 year instant replacement warranties on pretty much all hardware they have in the store. Yeup. Go down to the local CompUSA and ask them about it.

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  8. The Stock TI 4600 is GPU 300 and RAM 650. I run my Visiontek just fine at 325/700 and it runs at room temp w/ good case cooling. I havn't even tried going beyond that yet but seeing as how i've got zero problems where i'm at when its running Dungeon Siege for 12 Hours straight...well, i do believe it could go even higher.

    Edit: Its not doubles till they go from 4 to 8, right now its also just increasing by two's:)) hehe

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  9. I heard those rumors about no Geforce5. I also seem to recall the new lines will include technology obtained from the 3DFX assets.

    Unfortunately, I can't remember where I read this.

    Do you have any rumor links, Oni?

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  10. Thanks Guys!

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  11. hardocp for the most part, maybe I saw something on the anandtech forums. BTW the hard forums are pretty gay for blocking the word "tomshardware" I wonder what their beef is.

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  12. screw them, that site blows.....the only cool thing i seen on that site was when they OC' the XBOX and added a Water Cooling system on it.... but big deal, anybody could do it...

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  13. Thanks for the tip about compusa. Their instant replacement warranties are $20 for graphics and sound cards, but the price increases for other hardware. Now, I'm thinking about just getting a barebones system and getting upgradeable parts from compusa.
  14. Some items are cheaper too, most of their warranties are 1 year on smaller items. Bigger items tend to be 2 years. I forget which sound cards are. I've always had 2 years on my graphics cards and hard drives. 1 year on my $50 dollar mouse and joystick was 5 dollars each. Most of em end up paying off-) I had a Maxtor 60Gig HD burn out in 6 months. Instant replacement cost me nothing even with the new warranty cause the price had come down, so i got a WD 100Gig same speed with new warranty for nothing... Joystick malfunctioned after about 9 months, got it replaced for the price of a new 5 dollar warranty. Monitors and Printers are the only that's really expensive for the warranty, they're 70 bucks apiece for a 2 year warranty but thats cause they dont scale it, its the same price for a 150 dollar monitor as for a 1500 dollar monitor...

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  15. Like I said before, damn I wish there was a CompUSA around here!

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  16. Their warranty covers laptop screens, but the rate was like $350 for 2 years. I didn't really grill the sales guy, so I'm not sure if they replace the whole laptop or just the screen. If you don't mind S&H and you can find a middle man, you could still get stuff from compusa. Don't know if it would be worth it with the S&H costs included, but it is nice to be able to easily upgrade graphics cards, sound cards, and HDs.
  17. more than likely thats an instant replacement warranty on the whole laptop. I didnt know they did it for laptops and PC's... The idea here is to use their parts warranties to build a machine yourself and keep upgrading it almost for free.... CompUSA sells jillions of these warranties, there's only a few comparatively who use them frequently for upgrades so it doesnt even dent their profits, heh-) BTW, if you buy one, remember, the Reciept IS YOUR WARRANTY! The reciept will show the item purchased and the warranty purchase for it. When you use the warranty, they give you a credit basically thats equal to what you paid for the origional item + tax but you dont recover the warranty cost of course...and you have to buy a new warranty on the new item. Unfortunately, you can see how handling this would be kind of impossible without any compusa's around.

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  18. I need a good laptop that I can use for my new business and $350 is not too bad for replacing an entire laptop after 2 years. Thanks again for the tip.
  19. Wait can you explain this CompUsa thing alittle more..... your saying i can go to CompUSA, buy a Geforce 4 ti4600 for say 410$ + 20$ for the Warrenty.... then when the Geforce5 comes out, or whatever...i can just Upgrade that card for just another 20$...
    But i would have to give back the GeForce 4...when i receive the GeForce 5

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  20. Yes, exactly, Rob.
    I started out with a Geforce 2 Ultra, went to a Geforce 3, now i'm on a GeForce 4 TI 4600. For only the price of a 20 dollar warranty with each upgrade after the GF2 Ultra.

    edit: assuming the geforce 5 or whatever comes out in the 2 years before the warranty expires, which of course it will.

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  21. That's unbelieveable! Maybe CompUSA will open a store around here soon. Aren't they located mainly west of the Mississippi? I'm on the east coast.

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  22. Compusa is on the east coast, I live in NJ and we have a couple of stores in this area.
  23. Have you tried using their store locator on their web site?
  24. william, does the item under warranty have to be defective to turn it in?

    do you just simply tell them that you want to upgrade?

    basically, i guess what i'm asking is if there is any, uh, shall i say, deception that needs to go on on my part?

    i just want to have my plan prepared ahead of time.

    thanks, man. if this all works out, this will be the best bit of info. that i've ever received.
  25. The nearest location is about 50 miles from me. Not too far if that trade-in really works. Too bad I just bought a R8500!

    I was in WA about 1.5 years ago and I went into a CompUSA there. The salesman there told me that their stores were located mostly "West of the Mississippi".

    I guess he knew as much as most retail salesmen know, LOL.

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  26. But do not forget, you have to buy at least ONCE the product, right?
    So you still have to pay for that marvel video card and the warranty offer, then exchange later on!

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  27. yea, so say i buy a Gf4 ti4600, I would have to buy a new Video Card within 2 yrs, in 2 yrs something better would deffinetly come out right? i think i am going to try this!

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  28. williamc, how does compusa determine which component that you get to upgrade to? is it your choice?

    do you have to originally buy the top of the line to upgrade to the top of the line?
  29. Yeah, Best Buy sorta does that as well. It used to be that you could buy a playstation game and a $5 2-year replacement plan so that you could return the game and get another one. You just had to say the game wasn't working in your machine.

    They stopped that, but I've done it on joysticks.

    I can't believe you can do it on GFX cards and Harddrives though. I'm very afraid to shop at compusa since everything I've ever bought there had problems, but that sounds like a sweet deal if you're willing to pay the premium for the card at their store over the internet.

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  30. are you sure you just have to pay for the new Warranty again, and you don't have to pay the difference between the cards, ...

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  31. williamc, you around? if you would, please respond to the questions.

  32. What Best Buy does is issue you a store credit for the amount you paid for the product, excluding the warranty. Then you can buy whatever you want.

    I wouldn't recommend you trying out any "upgrades" with these stores though unless they really have it in writing on their 2 year warranty. These sales people will say anything to get you to buy that thing. Essentially it's cash straight to the bottom line since you're buying a piece of paper. Best Buy's is specifically for replacement of faulty products, if they should fail in 2 years, but they used to never check and the employees knew that. I did it with a joystick even though there was nothing wrong with it. Technically if they tested it they could have denied my claim.

    When I bought my cell phone there for example I bought that 3 year warranty and they told me that it would replace the entire phone for basically anything, including a dead battery. Well the truth is that they couldn't test the battery so they just did it the lazy way and sent your old phone back the manufacturer as defective (so that they could get a percentage of it's cost back) and then gave you a brand new phone. Great huh? Well when I went back there a few years later (I really took advantage of them at first, I think I'm on my 5th phone with those idiots), they had setup a battery testing facility and instead of just replacing the phone on the spot like they used to they would send it away to their facility and then get it back to you a week later. According to the warranty that I bought this was correct, but they didn't do that before and the sales person just fed me a line.

    In the end I threw a major fit and they replaced my phone on the spot, but I haven't bought another thing at Best Buy since then. CompUSA and Frys are also stores that I won't buy at either since everything they sell seems to break or cost too much.

    Bottom line? Read the fine print and expect the sales person to lie to you. It's their job. The managers put huge pressures on them to sell these warranties since that's how they get their bonuses (the managers that is).

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  33. no deception required, Joikd, they tell you that you can use it to upgrade and i've told them each time that i'm upgrading, the card works. They usually just mark the card "used" and i assume they resell it. One of the reasons you can circle on the return sheet you have to fill out is upgrading.

    edit: in reply to your next two posts, Joikd.
    When you take it in for the exchange, i tell them, "This is gonna be a warranty exchange." YOU then go pick out the product you want to replace it with and it does NOT even hae to be the same brand of card. They issue you a credit equal to the amount you paid for the origional card + the tax on it. As long as the new card doesn't cost more than the old one all you have to buy is a new warranty for 20 bucks. Side note, if the new card costs less they'll actually refund you the of my close friends here in houston went from GF3 to GF4 ti 4400 instead of 4600 and he got 87 dollars back....

    Was off for the weekend-) back now. sorry it took so long to respond.

    In response to the guy who's so amazingly skeptical....go ask em about it yerself. I've used this 5 times now, 3 times on graphics cards, once on a Hard Drive and once on a DVD drive. It works fine... And CompUSA still loves me cause i tend to buy everything there....They're prices on parts are getting more and more competitive lately. Athlon XP 2000 is same price from compusa as Directron so i'm happy... My Antec SX1035B Case was actually 5 dollars less at comp with the power supply than i could get it through Directron.

    One other thing, this warrany you buy is an "Instant replacement Warranty" You set it on the counter, tell em why your exchanging it, and get the new one, in and out in 10 minutes. Best Buy is a whole nother story...i gave up on them after they kept my printer for 6 weeks a time 4 times in a row and still refused to replace it with a new one under their lemon policy. Stay away from Best Buy's service...instant replacement at CompUSA works a hell of alot better.

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