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Hi everyone,

I currently have Windows (64 bt) running on a Seagate, SATa 1500mgbyte. I have another drive from that contains Windows XP Pro(32 Bt). This drive is an IDE 120 gig. Because I installed these on different systems Windows XP is not detected during the boot process. I know I can change the boot order and most likely boot from the XP drive but how can I get the XP System recognized during boot so that I have the option to boot from either system?

Please tell me how I can do this and also if this is right or not. I am thinking I can go into the bios and boot from the XP set up disk and choose the repair option. If I run through this option I believe it will help me set up any missing drivers and will also make the XP system recognized during booting so I can choose? I am only guessing here so what do the pros here think??

Thanks much fellas..

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  1. This article explains how to install XP after W7, if you manage to restore yours, contnue from item 6.
    To select the XP drive to boot, go into bios and select the XP drive as first boot device. Save settings and restart.
    You can now try to repair the XP instalation.
    If your XP is an OEM version transfered from another pc then it is not transferable.
    OEM versions are locked in to the pc that it was first installed on.
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