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Problems with my Geforce4 Ti4600

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April 12, 2002 8:23:21 PM

What I'm currently running:
Visiontek Geforce4 Ti4600 (with the only Visiontek drivers for it)
Athlon 1.2 Ghz
Iwill KT266A-R MB (Raid currently disabled)
Soundblaster Live
512mb Ram
300 watt power supply
Running XP

Now, I've been experience a myriad of problems since I installed my card 2 weeks ago.

Problem 1:

I can boot up my pc with out a problem, when I shutdown is when I start running into my first issue. After powering off my pc and trying to turn it back on, all of my drives (hard drives, cd-roms, floppies) page constantly and my system will not boot. I can bypass this problem by waiting 20-30 minutes with my pc and try booting again and it will load with no problems. The other solution involves removing my vid card from the agp slot for a second and putting it back in, and again my system boots fine.

Problem 2:

Specific game problems - When I attempt to launch either Max Payne or Heroes of Might and Magic 4 I simply watch the loading screen and then I am dumped right back to my desktop with no error messages. This occurs regardless of the specific video settings I have setup (ie: everything turned off to everything turned completely off and every variation between).

Problem 3:

This is my most recent problem, and it occurs at just about anytime, but most notably when I am browsing my harddrive through my computer, or playing Dungeon Siege. Roughly every thirty minutes (sometime much less or slightly longer) XP spits out a File Exception error or my system simply reboots(not a overheating issue).

Any help with any of the above problems would be greatly appreciated.
April 12, 2002 8:29:57 PM

Check two possible solutions. Your hardware problems and fatal exceptions could be lack of power. What's the wattage of your power supply? You need at least 350. Also, go to and download the Detonator XP 28.32 drivers if those aren't the ones you're using.
a b U Graphics card
April 12, 2002 8:48:18 PM

I kind of suspected that my 300 watt power supply might be the reason for problems 1 and 3, but certainly not 2. I am also running 28.32 drivers.
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April 13, 2002 12:28:18 AM

those High Powered Graph cards require atleast 350w,

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April 13, 2002 11:01:17 PM

Visiontek recomends a 300w with the ti4600.
BUT it would depend quality of PSU and what all you have running on it.

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April 15, 2002 3:22:54 PM

Dungeon Siege Multiplayer is the only game i have problems with with a 350Watt power supply and an overclocked GF4 TI 4600 and Overclocked P4 1.7 on an Asus P4t. Everything else runs fine and the system isnt overheating as i can play other stuff for an eternity without problems. Dungeon siege single player is same way. Dungeon Siege multi gives Fatal Exceptions or locks up and reboots the system. The problem is Dungeon Siege, Gas Powered Games has admitted to Dungeon Siege having issues with the Geforce 4 at launch.
They hope to fix the problems in their first patch. Meanwhile it'll be a "bumpy" ride for Geforce 4 dunegeon siege players. Myself included.

From past experience i will point that Max Payne and HoMMIV problems sound more like "sound" issues to me...HoMMIV blows my mind though...its a 2d game, its gotta be something other than the graphics card...

Promblem number 1 could just as easily be a bad AGP slot (maybe something happened while upgrading) as a bad GF 4 might try the card in someone else's machine or exchange it for the same? Just my thoughts...

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