Problems with my Gainward Geforce4 ti 4600

This problem has me and 2 of my friends who are great with computers stumped. I just bought a Gainward Geforce4 ti 4600. Installed the drivers that came with it and ran 3d mark 2001SE to test it. I was kinda shocked to only see a score of 6800. I updated the drivers to the new detonators and still around a 6800. I reformatted hoping that would help, and the score dropped to 6400 (with new drivers). I have used a wide variety of drivers so thats not the problem. I am running a:
AMD 1700 XP
Soyo Sy-K7ADA mobo (recent drivers)
Windows XP Professional
512 MB crucial memory
Creative Audigy (recent drivers)

To test to see if the card is bad I put it in my friend's computer. He is running the exact same thing as me except he does not have the audigy and he has a Sy-k7V Dragon plus. He got a 10100 with the default drivers. This problem has me completely confused, can anyone help?
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  1. I know you said you did a clean install of your drivers... but for me I had left over nv files in my system folder that were screwing up my card. I ended up uninstalling the drivers, running detonator destroyer and reinstalling the latest 28.32. I went from a terrible 5500 in 3dmark2001 to a 10050 which is right were I should be.

    If it isn't the drivers, then I would say it's the bios settings, if it isn't that it sounds like some kind of compatibility issue with your motherboard/chipset. I had some funky things happen with certain G3 cards and certain KT266A boards... but the same card in a different KT266A board was fine. maybe you should try removing all other hardware (sound, whatever pci cards) do a fresh reinstall of the video drivers and then see what you get. It's sounds like it's a hardware problem. Maybe you could improve things by flashing your bios. My friends scores jumped about 700 points after flashing the bios on his Dragon+. The key I guess is to elimanate as many variables as possible.

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