I am thinking about getting , XP or XP Pro , in the oem formate. What do you loose by buying oem. I have 2000 pro and love it , but am not getting full advantage from hyper threading. The oem versions as you know are so much cheaper ( full versions ) and thats why i am looking into them. Thank you so much for your replys.

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  1. OEM is supposed to mean you got it with a system (discount price on OS), however most people can get one by buying a mouse pad (or less). There is no difference between Full and OEM other than that.

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  2. Mike - OEM means M$ expect someone else to support it (OEM's) - whereas, M$ claims they will support the full retail version if you buy it. Hell, I'd never call M$ for anything. Go OEM.

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  3. Jake i did't know you ventured out of the pit area ha ha . Thanks both of you . It is a lot different in price and you get SP-1 with it. I would take it that M$ lets you download the service packs for it. Thanks a bunch fellers.

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  4. Absolutely - only difference is that M$ doesn't want to hear from you with problems - and you have to buy hardware with it (like your an OEM vendor) - can you say thumb screws for a couple of bucks ...

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  5. Mike, I think the majority of us out here are running OEM, you still get the Microsoft Updates, so paying the extra money is a waste, but definitely go with the Pro version of XP, OEMs usually have to be bought with hardware but<A HREF="http://www.directron.com/winxppro.htm" target="_new"> this seller</A> makes it real easy for you. You can buy the OP/SYS with a .19cent thumbscrew. :smile:

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  6. Fellers that just completly answered my question ," Every one here uses oem", well thats for me then ha ha . Jake , Ryan , everyone thanks bunches .

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  7. For microsofts support of full product...check my post of "only $245 per incident!!!! What a bargain!" Go OEM because you get screwed for support either way. And you've got all of us here if you need support for anything...fuggeetabout microsoft.

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  8. OEM is fine for most situations. The difference is that with OEM, all support must be provided by the vendor, so if you call Microsoft they'll tell you to call your system manufacturer. Also, OEM XP can only be activated a certain number of times. Happened to me, so I am running an illegal copy, even though I legally own it.
  9. What exactly are they charging for? It seems I can email them at will for support, and they have no problem giving it. Even for something as cheap as their Optical Mouse Blue... two of which I had to get replaced.

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