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Refresh rate fix/Tearing

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April 17, 2002 10:18:38 AM

I have done extensive research on this and other forums about the tearing problems associated with games under XP. From posts by other people the general opinion is that it is caused by the refresh rate problem; ie games running at 60hz.
I have found a fix for this that works!! Go to the Guru3D website and download the 28.32 drivers with refresh rate fix support. Then download the refresh rate fix from the same site. Tip..Uninstall the present Nvidea drivers first and then run setup for the new driver...If you try to update the driver it doesnt work!!

This actually works and I can now run MOH at 1280x1024 at 85hz!! Guess what the TEARING IS STILL EVIDENT although I dont think its as bad!! Showing the fps on MOH I average 50/60 with 8x antistropic 4x antiailiasing peaking at 100fps. However I notice tearing at 50/60fps!!

I am now totally pissed off.....someone else using a GF3 TI200 said that there tearing disappeared at 85hz!!..Is the GF4 TI4600 too powerful or is it a fault in OpenGL?
Anyone have any ideas??????????????

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April 17, 2002 11:52:51 AM

Is there any support (whether it works or not) for ATI cards? I get the same tearing, but only on some titles. Since the same thing doesn't happen on 98 (tearing and low-refresh setting in-game), it sounds like MS needs to get on the ball more than the card makers.

I also notice that XP screws up desktop display settings when it reboots. I normally have my system's desktop running at 120Hz(v), without a glitch. However, if I reboot it looks like some crap resolution setting my monitor can't handle (it splits the screen into 3 parts, vertically, and is blurry). However, if I change the display setting and then change it back - to 1028x768x32 w/120hz refresh - it works fine again.

It's pretty sad when a new system, with a newer card and OS, can't handle simple things like this that 98SE with an older card has no problem with. *sigh*

I'm loving the stability of XP Pro, but the little issues really bug me at times.
April 17, 2002 8:55:06 PM

What is tearing?

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April 17, 2002 9:04:07 PM

Nevermind figured it out...but go ahead and tell others if you want.

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April 17, 2002 9:36:44 PM

if your tearing problem continues after installing the refresh rate fix, then turning Vsync back on should fix any tearing..granted you won't get those higher fps (85+) but does it really matter other than benchmark scores?
April 17, 2002 10:28:27 PM

I agree. Try V-Sync if you still get tearing after increasing refresh rate. Human eye can't notice difference if frame rate is over 30. Above 20 fps will still be quite playable. The reason we accept 60 fps as a minimum is that this number is for benchmarking which is average number of frames per second. So if average is 60, it will be less likely that an instantaneous minimum fps will be below 30. So, it doesn't mean you have to get stable 60 fps constanly to play comfortably. as long as it doesn't go down below 30 or even 20 you won't notice jerkiness too much.
April 18, 2002 8:34:27 AM

Tried turning V-Sync on and no luck!!...I did some experimenting with resolutions and refresh rates and I found that even at 1600 x 1200 at 85hz (V-Sync on)with fps dropping below 30fps there is tearing. The best compromise is to play at 1152 x 864 @ 120hz..Tearing still evident but not as bad. The higher the refresh rate the less the tearing but most monitors can only support 85HZ at 1280 x1024 +. So I am forced to play at low resolutions with 120 HZ resolution to avoid tearing.....not what NVIDEA had in mind im sure with the card being sold as playable at the highest resolutions with all anti-aliasing features on!!!!

Im going back to my GF3 TI200!!