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OK, this is going to be a really dumb question, but here goes:
In the video card properties there's a place where you can set fsaa, aniso, etc. In many of my game menus, there are also display options which include many of the same things.
Now, say for example I set 2x fsaa in the video card properties, but no fsaa in the games diplay properties. Will the game run at 2x or none? Or if I set 4x aniso in the video card properties but in the game I set bilinear filtering, what filtering am I getting? Or if I set aniso in the game as well, am I getting double the filtering, and therefore a bigger performance hit?
I'm just wondering what the relationship is between the selected video card properties and the video properties as can be selected from within a game. Did that make sense?
Thanks for your replies :smile:

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  1. I think if you set AA to x2 in Display properties and then set AA to zero in the game you will most likely get no AA.
    If you turn on "Force AA" in the display properties you will probably have AA in the game no matter what values you are fiddling with in the game menus.

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