I got a questions about comptia Cert. I originally took the 220-301 test back in 2007 and passed. Some stuff happened and I got off track and didn't get to take any more test. Do I need to start over and take the 220-801 test? I'm sure I do. I just want to make sure. Thanks.
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  1. As that was 5 years ago, you would be better served by taking again and being current. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck!
  2. As far as I recall CompTIA certs taken at that time were for life and required no re-certification, probably partly why they weren't taken too seriously. A+, Network+, Security+ and CASP now need to be renewed every 3 years. Like COLGeek says it's probably best to retake them again now or look at vendor specific certs that are relevant to your job role.
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