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I'm too desperate to get visitors so I try my luck here. A week ago I
reopened my Nintendo website after a long offline hiatus due to host
change and an overhaul of the whole site. My former host didn't let me
use a redirection so now I'm quite much non-existent in search engines
and I feel it's going to take long before I get a decent number of
visitors again.

So, if you like GameCube games or Nintendo games in general (or even if
you don't actually: it's maybe time to convert !) and you are bored of
too professional-looking sites, ahem, you can come to my place, right

And even stay over in my disturbingly quiet forum:

Thanks in advance, hopefully I'm not going to get only jerks and
perverts... <_<
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    sanjuro sez...

    > I'm too desperate to get visitors
    > so I try my luck here.

    Good job on your website, however, I am a Nintendo DS fan, so your website
    does not interest me.

    Good luck with the future of your site.

    I used to have my own website many years past, but due to lack of interest,
    I gave up.

    I am the fish and I approve this message.
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    One of the most attractive and well designed sites I've seen.

    Mac Cool
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    Thanks fish, MacCool !

    fish, too bad you're "just" a DS fan. I think as a DS fan, there are
    great chances that you would like what the GameCube has to offer:
    fantastic games which can very well compete with the best DS titles.
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