Kyro in Q3 vrs JK2

Hey -

not that I own one, but does anyone else find it odd that the Kyro series get so hammered in the JK2 benchmark? JK2 is based on the Q3 engine... The Kyro series does OK when playing Q3 - not great, but better than the GF2MX. But, then it just gets tooled on in the JK2 benchmark.

Just seems somehow odd.

- Porter
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  1. Extremely, I used to own a TNT2 ultra and My Kyro2 is much faster... is JK2 a Dx8 game ??? (Kyro2 I think is only Dx7 fully compatible)... this is a poss reason... anybody else know with any certainty leave a message, I may have to hold off on getting JK2 if my card is no good with it...

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  2. That test result was somewhat odd.

    I'm running it on computer with 1GHz Duron, 384Mb PC133, Hercules Prophet 4500 (kyro II), W2k.

    I'm using 1280x1024 32bit with all details on max except texture detail on "high" and I'm getting frame rates 30-100. Mostly between 50 and 70. It's very smooth.

    Almost forgot. I'm using bilinear filtering because Kyro doesen't handle trilinear so well (performance hit).

    But after all it runs very nice and I'm quite pissed that that kind of results are being published. Obviously they just ran the tests with some prespecified settings and didn't bother to check if there was something keeping the card from performing correctly. People often just look at the benchmarks and make their decisions according to them even though they might not tell the whole story...

    So rest assured that you can buy the game and even play it with decent frame rates.
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