RUNDLL error msg with Geforce 3?

I tired today to "downgrade" from currently posted Nvidia detonator driver to the ver 23.11 (at suggestion of Jedi Knight 2 tech help forum).
After doing this I get an error message after Windows 98 boot:


Error in NvQtwk
Missing entry: Nv CpIDaemon"

I have tried loading VGA Drivers, then coming back to 23.11, but I now get this message with any driver I load.

Any thought?

thank you
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  1. Try using Detonator Destroyer to clean up your old nVidia files. Get it at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

    When using Detonator Destroyer, first uninstall the nVidia driver the normal way but don't reboot. Afterwards, run the utility to clean up extraneous files.

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  2. Thank you! This worked!
    I Suspected the problem was with some Nvidia file (due to the Nv in the error message)
  3. That's great! Glad I could be of help.

    You didn't say which motherboard you have but if you have a Via chipset the drivers, chipset and video, can get really messed up. The most reliable fix I have found is a clean install of the Via 4-in-1 drivers (uninstall then reinstall), clean install of nVidia drivers (use Detonator Destroyer), and a clean install of DirectX 8. For the last I use DirectX Uninstaller but it's no longer available and only worked for Windows 9x. I have a new utility called DirectX Eradicator but I haven't tested it yet. It claims to work for all Windows except XP.

    Anyway, all three of the above steps together fix a host problems. However, if everything is working right now don't mess with it. Just keep the above in mind for any future problems.

    <b>I have so many cookies I now have a FAT problem!</b>
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