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Once again, I'm selling off a number of my Japanese games and whatnot.
Given the rather...slow...release of DS games in North America (and the
rest of the world), chances are some of the Japanese games will be
appealing for import.

Some of the games I have up for auction include:

Another Code
Catch! Touch! Yoshi!
Daigasso Band Brothers (Jam with the Band)
One Line Puzzle (Known as Polarium in the UK)
Egg Monster Hero

I also have numerous GBA games up for auction, in addition to Japanese
PSP and PS2 games.

For simplicity, you can find all of my auctions here:


PLEASE NOTE: I am listing a number of additional games and toys tonight
so you may wish to check back in another 4 hours for the full listing.
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.nintendo (More info?)

    Quick Note: A number of the DS and PSP games are ending tonight, in
    about 3 hours.
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