Best GeForce4 Ti4600 based card?

I'm sure all of you know the awesome Newegg.Com ;)

Anyways, they have quite a bit of different GF4 based cards, from companies like Asus, Gainward, MSI, PNY, etc.

Anyone know which one is the fastest/best for gaming? Right now I wont be buying the gainward because it's too damn expensive and has tons of crap I won't need.

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  1. go for leadtek
  2. i believe most, if not all, of the gainward cards are overclocked out of the box so they should produce better results but i don't know how it compares to the other cards when they are overclocked.
  3. I am using Gainward Geforce4 PowerPack ! Ultra/750 XP Golden Sample 4600xp and I overclock as same as leadtek 335/775 which was review by Tom's ""

    Either Gainward or Leadtek but surely leadtek got very high rate review when overclocking due to large heatsink. Why I go for Gainward because I like thier heatsink and red color.
  4. Here's a 3-way comparison between Asus, Leadtek, and Gainward:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">GotApex review</A>

    Basically, any Ti 4600 is going to perform about the same. And the Gainwards don't come pre-overclocked, as someone suggested. You just have to choose one based on price, included features, and possible overclockability if you're interested in that. But I don't think there's much overhead on the Ti 4600 for overclocking. I have the Chaintech version, which I got for $320. I like it for its looks and it performs great, but probably no better or worse than other versions.

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  5. The memory has some potential for overclock. The RAM is rated at 2.8ns which equals about 714MHz. That's about 65MHz above stock speeds. That's basically a sure thing because they are rated there.
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