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I use a mini-PCI wireless adapter Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG in a HP notebook
build around an AMD Barton 2500+.

The notebook is connected wireless by 802.11g on a Linksys WRT54G.

Everything worked very well for about 2 days but now, it seems that the card
doesn't receive the signal anymore.

The signal strenght bargraph remains to zero even when the notebook is
placed close to the wireless router.

Sometimes it seems that I get a connexion and my notebook see the name of
the router but no connexion available.

What's happening ?

Thanks for your help.


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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    I took the chance and ordered a card from Provantage for just under $30
    shipped and I am very pleased. I was worried that the card would not
    work since I do not have a Pentium M (Centrino blah blah blah)
    processor in my laptop. Not only does it work just fine but I am able
    to pick up a neighbors wireless network my pcmcia card never detected.

    You can find this same card for $26 + shipping at

    The software is the best wireless software I have seen yet. I have
    worked with Dell TrueMoble, SMC, Netgear and Linksys software and this
    is by far the easiest and most intuitive wireless connection software I
    have seen.

    I believe all the Toshiba Satellite 1415 series laptops have a free
    mini-PC slot and 2 antennas already wrapped within the chassis. All
    you have to do is plug in each antenna to an antenna lead (labeled
    Main/Aux), plug in the card and your set. It does not matter which
    lead you connect the black and white antenna cables to.

    System: Toshiba Satellite 1415-S173, 1.8Ghz Celeron processor.

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