can't get ati 8500 to run with xp

i can't get my ati 8500 card to work under xp. i encounter the following two problems:

if i try to install the certified .6043 driver, i get a "severe" error message, saying that the driver can't work with the display adapter (card). since the .6043 is an executable, i can't update the driver through the device manager-hardware profiles.

if i install the .6052 driver (this driver seems to get installed correctly, since it appears in the hardware devices) and run 3dmark2001se, i get past the first test, but the computer freezes upon loading the second test.

i've reinstalled windows xp to get rid of any remnants of my previous nvidia driver, installed the newest motherboard updates. i bought this card along with two friends and all three cards have the same problems.

i run an athlon 1000mhz cpu with 512 mb of pc133 ram. i know that ati drivers have had problems with systems running 512mb or higher but supposedly that should be fixed in the .6043 driver.

any suggestions would make my week.
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  1. Did you have an nVidia card installed before?

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  2. yes, i had a geforce 2 gts, 64 mb. after uninstalling it, i ran the detonator destroyer to clear the system. since this didn't work, i wiped my c-drive and re-installed windows xp, to ensure that there were no remnants of the old driver left.
  3. Are you running an ATI built or ATI powered graphics card?

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  4. i suppose it's ati powered. upon talking to a somewhat hard-to-understand customer sales rep. from joytech in taiwan(the company that manufactures the devil monster ii card), i found out that i should try their driver, rather than the official ati driver for windows xp. i'll give that a shot once i get home from work today. however, i am wondering why, upon installation of the driver that came with the card successfully, it still crashed when running 3dmark2001se. if you have any tips on this i'd really appreciate it.

    i'm hopeful that the new driver will work once installed.
  5. Yes, that's what I was trying to get at. Not all ATI powered cards work with the official ATI drivers.

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  6. What PSU do you have? Maybe it's not powerful enough for the new card?

    I was looking at a Joytech/Apollo card, but I didn't know how good the quality would be so I went with an ATI built card. It was more money, but at least I knew the quality would be there.

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