Black screen with blinking line at load up after 3ghz OC

I can't get passed this screen i can only hold F8 before it and it takes me to a screen where it asks me where i want to boot from, could it be my external USB? I unplugged it (i just took it out now and haven't tried to restart it yet). My computer works fine if i do the F8 process, but i know damn well it that it started doing it because i over clocked my i7 920 to 3ghz. It happens like this, turn on computer... finds Hard Drive, finds CD drive loads then next screen it stays in the black screen with the small blinking white line at the top left corner and never gets passed it no matter if it takes an hour lol. So my CPU is currently not overclocked. Not even that has fixed it. It's pissing me off. I have an ASUS P6X58D Premium and it comes with software that would do the overclocking for me, even though i did it through BIOS. The software would take forever to OC for me like 20 minutes. So i just used the BIOS. Any help?
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  1. never mind its not doing this nonsense anymore
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    blink180heights said:
    Any help?

    As you increase the system clock above 133 MHz, your memory speed increases also.
    At some point when your memory goes beyond spec, you must set it manually (in BIOS) to the next lower speed.
    Then as you OC, the mem speed will increase, but not beyond spec.
    If you OC enough - you can get the memory back to its rated speed again! (Heheh... heckuva OC.)
    Point is, I believe this is what you are encountering. Your memory will no longer POST...
    I have an i7-920 and trust me, you don't need to OC!
    With my Gigabyte mobo, the 920 runs with a 22x multiplier all the time anyway and gives me 2.933 GHz.
    I have better results disabling hyperthreading for playing games like Crysis...
    Most games are usually much happier with 4 real cores, not 8 logical ones.
  3. yea i noticed... i really don't need 3ghz the stock 2.6ghz is really good enough - no load times or waiting for that damn screen to pop up... just click and its done
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