is a video investment worth it??

Hello, I have a PIII 500 with 256MB PC133, and a geforce 256 DDR. I was wondering if it was even worth buying a new video card, or which 1 was more beneficial. I was thinking along the lines of a R8500 Retail or a GeForce 3 Ti200. Just wondering if one card or the other depends more on the CPU or if I should just plan to shell out for a new system.
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  1. Even though you would see a little difference in performance and quality, you would have a bottleneck with your cpu. The best thing would be to upgrade your cpu along with the video card.

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  2. If you do get a new card get a Geforce 3 or 4. These can always be transported to another system when the time comes. If you have the money, start building a new system. Not only is it fun to do but you get great experience from building systems. Go to local computer shows from time to time to get some of the best deals on parts. I buy parts at random times and before I know it I have a whole system staring me in the face.

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  3. The decision really depends on how much money you have in your upgrade budget and why the upgrade is important. Are you a gamer, into video editing, or just a casual user (sniff..sniff :smile: )? If upgrading the system, does it matter to you whether it is an AMD or Intel CPU?
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