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I know all these new video card r all good for 3D games, but what about video editing applications such as Premiere, Ulead Video Studio, MGI Midia Wave and other??
Can someone tell me which card would get higher performance on that essue?? Or even if these Radeon 8500 and Ge Force 4 can have any improvement on that since they r mostly designed for 3D.
I know AIW 8500 DV is a good one, but I was thinking about a cheapier video card, such as Radeon 8500 or Ge Force Ti 4200
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  1. can you expand your video editing needs ?

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  2. Also, the R8500 is only about 4% slower than the Ti4200 so performance is no longer an issue. The R8500 includes superior DVD decoding and questionably superior 2D/3D quality.

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  3. Well, I basically use Adobe Premiere to make music videos, and noticed that my computer lags while opening some files on premiere. I know premiere is kinda slugish, but it wasn't supposed to be that slugish on a TB 1.4ghz, so I was wondering if a video card could help on that (I'm currently using a Radeon VE).
    Also in the past some GeForce 2 GTS encoders/owners said it kinda screwed their encodes (basically that's y I went for a Radeon VE rather than GF2 GTS). And wouldn't want a video card that isn't that good for encoding. That's basically it
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