How do i install net framework v4 0 30319

i need to download v4.0.30319
.net framework?
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  1. Took me 10 seconds to google this:

    Once installed, Windows Update will automatically keep it updated.
  2. i stopped leaving automatic updates on years ago. Too many times it would install stuff that I didn't want or drivers that were outdated and other........ I make it a habit to go there once a week and let it do it's scan and if there's something there I make the choice of whether or not to install.....................
  3. True enough. I set it on "check but let me choose whether to download and install". That way I don't have to check manually, but have complete control over what is installed.
  4. roshan_08 said:
    i need to download v4.0.30319
    .net framework?
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