Problem with a AIW Radeon

I am having problems getting the TV tuner to work properly in an all in wonder radeon(the original). I installed this card in a p3 800mhz with 320 megs of ram running windows 2000. When I started out with this card I did a fresh install of the os followed by a download of the latest drivers from ATI. Everthing worked fine except that the tv tuner would crash(by crash I mean that the machine would lock up with the tuner still playing. However nothing would work including the mouse and the only way to get out of this would be to push the reset button) after either being on for longer than a few minutes or by simply changing the channels on the tuner after a while. After playing with the settings to no avail, I decided to install the drivers that were in the disk. For some reason this seemed to work the best and the tv tuner did not crash. But when I installed the warcraft 3 beta, I found out that it needed the newer drivers to work properly. After installing the new drivers and playing several hours of warcraft(a kick-ass game), I found out that I was having the same problem again with the Tv tuner. I have called ATI on this matter and the only credible solution they had to offer(other than I play with the other drivers and multimedia centers on thier site) was that the problem was possibly in the irq settings and the ACPI settings. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and found a solution for it. I have heard a lot of bad things about ATI driver support both in magazines and forums like this, But I find it had to believe that ATI can continue selling video cards with problems like this. The tv tuner on this card is unusable. On the flip side I have also seen where a lot of people have bought all in wonder cards and have extremely happy with them as well. There must ba solution that I can't see. Help!!!! Does anyone out there also know whether or not if the card would work better under windows 98?
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  1. Hey hope this is not too late but it took me a long time to figure it out.........I have Win2K and an AIW 128 Pro.......same EXACT symptoms you described.........the fix was the last place I looked.

    Disable PCI Delay Transaction in your system BIOS. This was all it took to resolve my problem.
  2. Funny.
    A fix is usually the last place I look too.

    <b> Hey, I always notice that bored look in their eyes. </b> :redface:
  3. yeah, don't it figure?.........I suppose it is better than not finding it all though.

    I was convinced it was OS/Driver related, possibly a hardware conflict but I had no clue it was a simple Yes or No setting in BIOS.

    Also I would like to say that while I have nothing bad to say about ATI's technical support I must advise that they were of zero assistance with this issue. To be fair I believe the problem lies with the Via chipset on my mobo not the AIW.
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