gf3 ti200 vs gf4 ti4200

I'm ready to get a new card. I might get the Gainward GF3 ti200 for $125US. But with all the talk about the new GF4 ti4200, I'm kinda hesitant. Is the difference going to be dramatic? I think i've seen the price point around $170US, is that accurate? Any links or thoughts you guys have would be cool.

One more thing, if I do go with the Gainward, should I opt for the 128MB over the 64MB model? It's $25US more...
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  1. Get the Geforce4, you get more for the money.

    Links?, if you want to compare check this...
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  2. I've tried gf3 ti200 and gf4 ti400, and honestly, I haven't seen much of the visual difference in games. I've played Allie assault:medal of honor and Wofenstein. I guess we will have to wait for the next generation of games that will take full advantage of gf4.
  3. for that matter i do not see a differnce even with an tnt2 m64, in 800*600 mode,yes u will have to wait for the next generation of games, but buy the gf4 ti models they are faster...
  4. How'd you get your hands on a GF4 Ti4200? I thought they weren't coming out for a while. And also, if you want to play on higher resolutions, you'll be able to and enabling AA won't be too much of a problem either. Newer games will also run faster.
  5. i've seen the ti4200 out and on one is like $180 i believe

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  6. ti4200 is worth the extra $$$. DX8 support is worth the $50 your paying, and the 4200 is a faster chip. Get a good 128 MB chip(Visiontek is a personal fav.) and OC it to 250/500.

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  7. Oh... haven't really looked lately. Time to upgrade my GF2MX maybe??... hehehe :smile:
  8. you can't see the diff in from a tnt2 to a gf4? im still running a tnt2 and i cant wait to get rid of it. after seeing the screen shots and stuff im ready to say "bye-bye" to those annoying jaggies and 8 sided cylinders.
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