Whats the deal with the 4200's?

So what is the deal with the G4 4200's? I just read the Anandtech roundup of the 4400's and the 4600's but as luck would have it I don't have $300-$400 bucks to spend on a video card, and with the promiss of a cheap G4 with most of the goodies found on the 4400 and 4600 I'm left to wonder if anyone has heard and news about the 4200, release date, different vendors, pro's and cons etc.

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  1. go to pricewatch.com and the ti4200's are listed, the first 4 listed is by some company and the last is a visiontek..about $160-$180

    didnt have one of em electronic pens so ill just type my name,<i>CoOoLMaNX</i>
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