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Hi, I surely hope that you guys can help me with this frustrating harware problem I'm having. I purchased a new Asus V8200 GeForce3 Ti200 about a month ago. I installed it on my system (AMD Duron 1GHz, ECS K7AMA AliMagic with latest bios flash, 256Mb DDR 2700), and loaded the Asus drivers.

The card ran excellent for 3 weeks, until I removed it to test a client's SIS 305 card. I reinserted my Asus V8200 and then the troubles started. The system started to hang under 3D games, and benchmark programs like 3DMark 2001SE. I updated the drivers to Detonator XP 23.11, and flashed the bios to the latest version available at guru3d. As soon as I ran dxdiag (using DirectX 8.1), the screen would freeze up, and then Windows XP would reboot. After the reboot an error report is displayed saying that the Asus V8200 display drivers caused it. As soon as 3DMark started to bench, the whole system hangs and a hard reboot is necessary.

I returned the card to my supplier, who tested it and found no fault. I then tested it on my system again, and still the same crashes. I then proceeded to swap out my memory with brand new modules, but still the system crashed under XP. I then installed the card in another machine, AMD Duron 950, Asus VIA KT133, SDRAM) and the card ran 3DMark 2001SE without any problems. I then thought that it may be a motherboard problem and swopped graphics cards, I inserted an 8Mb ATI Rage XL and tested dxdiag and 3DMark 2001SE. The ATI card ran without problems, meaning that the mobo was fine! I also tested it under Windows ME and Windows 98se, but still no luck.

I also tried the latest Detonator XP drivers, but still the system crashed. It doesn't seem to be a card problem, memory problem or mobo problem. I don't think it's cpu, because why would the ATI work without crashing? Can anyone please help!

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  1. It's very likely that remnants of that SIS305 card's driver is causing conflicts with Nvidia driver. It is important to completely uninstall driver for previous display adapter by deleting any registry keys/entries, folders, and files.
  2. I actually formatted my HDD and did a clean install of firstly Windows 98SE, then Windows ME, and finally Windows XP Pro, and then proceeded to load the 23.11 Detonator XP drivers. And in all three cases the systems crashed under 3D apps and dxdiag.

    I actually just tested the card on a P4 1.6GHz with a i845 chipset, and no problems whatsoever! AAAGGGHHH!
  3. Did you load the latest ALI chipset drivers or AGP driver, 1.90? Get them both <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

    <b>I have so many cookies I now have a FAT problem!</b>
  4. Yes, I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Ali. The version 1.90 drivers. Could it be a compatibility problem with the cpu or mobo. But why did it used to work previously without problems? Maybe I shoul try to flash the mobo's bios with the original bios...
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