help! problem with 28.32 driver in my TI200

I met lots of problem in installing 28.32 in my ti200+duron800+via kt133a+win98 system. finanly I removed the previous driver (21.83) and installed 28.32, it doesn't work properly in 3DMARK 2001, lots of error and score drop from 4446 to currently 2650. help me!!!
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  1. Go <A HREF="" target="_new"><b>here</b></A> and download Detonator Destroyer to make sure you have
    completely removed the old drivers and reinstall per directions.

    :smile: <b><font color=blue> I took an I.Q. test today...It came back negative.</font color=blue></b> :lol:
  2. thank you, I m trying.

    Intel 8086 Forever!
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