GF3 or Radeon?

My friend bought a "powered by ATI" Radeon 8500, and was quite sad about its performance, it was clocked at 275/252, and maxed at 275/260.

The company who sold it has made him an offer. He can return the Radeon and get a Geforce3 TI200 128MB from a well know company instead, at almost half the price of the Radeon 8500.
Should he do this, or stick with the Radeon 8500???

If he gets the GF3, which driver is best?

Please reply today, he has to make up his mind fast!!!

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. I didn't know they made a 128MB GF3 Ti200. Is this info correct? Mine is just a 64 MB :(

  2. Yes it is 128MB, but I don´t really know if it´s a better price/performance deal than the Radeon 8500. My friend can get it at half the price of the Radeon, so I guess the Radeon should be twice as fast, or have a lot of cool features, over the Geforce3...

    I know you may not see a difference with the 128MB DDR in games right now, but maybe in the future.

    I´ve also heard that the card can be overclocked to TI500 core/memory speed.

    I would advise him to accept the deal, but what do you think???
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  3. for half the price i would get the ti200 and save the extra money and put it towards future upgrade
  4. You also lose out on a bit of performance, although I have to agree the R8500 128MB are stupendiously overpriced right now. When the GF4 Ti4200 comes out, it'll push it's price down so it can compete.
  5. yep go ahead with the deal.....
  6. OK, he took the deal and switched to the 128Mb Geforce3.

    It´s a very cool card, it´s completely black with silver ThermalTake Evercool heatsinks and fan. He´s running at TI500 speed, and it´s completely stable and without any artifacts!

    Thanks for the advice everyone!!!
  7. damn, i want one to hang on my wall! PLEASE!

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