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I have a 3DFX Voodoo5 (yes i know) currently sitting happily in my agp slot. My question is...

can i install another graphics card into my pci slot and run duel monitors...

see i am doing graphic design and shockwave work and am finding that my 17" monitor at 1024 while spacious is still too small to effectively manage all the windows and dialogs needed - especially in director

if i can get a hold of a 2nd hand pci graphics card, say a voodoo3 or a tnt2 etc - would there be any issues regarding setting up a dual monitor system ? Drivers etc ?

What operating system is best for doing this.?

i know there is a lot of questions here but any answers would be handy :)

cheers ppl
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  1. Yes you can. A few things to research before you buy a PCI vid card is to make sure it's drivers support dual monitors. I ran into the situation where an older PCI video card did not. I know that win 98 and above has the dual monitor feature built in. Hope this helps.

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