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G4TI4400 crashing in 3d apps

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May 2, 2002 12:40:30 AM

This is something new.
My friend has the K7S5A board and its running fine with his voodoo3 in it. Yet when we go to place the G4 TI4400 works fine..until you try to run any 3d app. It restarts or just locks up.

Now new drivers are in for the board and card. Still locks, has anyone had or heard of this problem. I am begining to think either its
a) bad board
b) too small of power supply ( he isn't sure what watt it is )

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May 2, 2002 4:43:16 AM

yep it is xactly both, ur old mobo must be having a agp power output of 5 volts.... whereas the new one support3 volts..
May 2, 2002 3:00:56 PM

open up that case and find the figures on the power supply. If its below 300 watts you have a problem. Check the motherboard manual or the manufacturer website for the voltage rating on the agp slot, or MAYBE the bios if it shows that for you. If it says 5 volts immediately remove your card before you fry it if its not already fried. Make sure you have a good Direct X 8.1 install. Make sure your graphics drivers and sound card card drivers are both installed fresh after the Direct X 8.1 install. Sound cards can cause crashes like that just as well as graphics cards can, believe me i know form experience-). Try running 3dmark2001's benchmark, it doesnt use any sound, note the demo does, just not the benchmark and see if that works. If that doesnt run and crashes too then you have a motherboard chipset incompatibility problem in my opinion.

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May 3, 2002 5:28:37 AM

Hi, I think your problem might be the same as mine. I run an Asus GeForce 3 Ti200 on a K7AMA. Works fine until 3D apps or dxdiag is run, then crashes. All other cards work fine.

Does someone know or can someone maybe tell me where to get the voltage output of the ECS K7AMA's AGP slot, and what voltage does the GeForce3 Ti200 use/need. Can I do something about the problem? Or do I need to get another mobo?

Funny thing is... it used to work just fine for about a month, until I swopped cards for a short while. Damn!
May 3, 2002 4:51:20 PM

If it helps we reset the cmos, completely removed everything, used a new HD, and installed everything one at a time. The thing is running like a champ after we returned the vid card and got the same type but newer board back and a 350w power supply...for a day at least

Last night after 20 minutes of playing blue screen of death came up and said "IRQ not equal or less then. Physical mem dump" then restarted. Started playing again...right away same thing.

If it helps, its a PNY VERTIGO g4 too...i think i read something about their boards needing to be recalled?