Whats best ATI radeon 8500card to buy?plz is Vivo.

Whats the best Video Card to buy ? is RADEON 8500 VIVO 64mb with tvout,dvi.... a good card or there is something better than this ? and is 8500 cars good compare with GF3ti500 or gf4ti ? how about radeon 8500 64mb DDR VIVO for $160 ? is that expensive or useless ? buy that card for that price ? plz i need to now about this cause, im planning go out tomorrow buy that video card !! is there something cheaper and better of 8500 cards ?
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  1. Ok here it is. You could buy that right now, but we kinda need to see your system specs to better give you an opinion. If you had a slower system, I'd be reluctant to tell you to get that R8500, unless you were going to upgrade soon. If you have a nice fast sys, then I'd actually tell you to wait a bit. A R8500 will mostly perform or outperform a GF3 Ti500, but when compared to a GF4 Ti4200, it lacks a bit. Especially on faster systems, which the Ti4200 can scale fairly well, the Ti4200 really pulls away from the R8500. One thing I'd say the Radeon cards have an advantage in is Aniso. They seem to perform excellently when having AA enabled. The GF4 Ti4200 are starting to trickle out, but prices are still a bit high. However, if you're into overclocking, I might recommend a R8500LE 128MB RETAIL, be sure to get the retail, because a lot of the OEM cards are downclocked to 250/230 from 250/250. While the LE is slower than the R8500 at 275/275, you could easily overclock to there, and the BGA RAM is quite nice. Also with the 128MB of RAM, it'll run some games faster as newer games are getting more and more complex. Look at the review here at Tom's Hardware and see if the price differences are worth the performance.

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  2. If you ware looking for VIVO, you need to go with the AIW Radeon 8500 128 or DV. To my knowledge, there is no straight VIVO version of the 8500.

    However, if you only need the video out, the 8500 already has an S-Video out built in.

    As for the brands, if it's not an AIW, the gigabyte version seems to perform better than the ATI card, and has a better heatsink for the memory to allow for better overclocking. That is the 64 MB version. The ATI 128 MB version is the best 128 version out at the moment.

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  3. Ok. Here is my system specs: i just buy it thios computer parts like 2 weeks ago and i build it. this was my first time and i still want to know more cause maybe my sstem is not working at full power . something i didn't like is, i got a MOTHER BOARD is more for business than Home and Games .Grr im mad . MOBO : M810 series ! ? thats crap i think right? cost me $65... Now system specs 1700xp+ Athlon,256mb i think is SDRAM and i wanted to have DDR cause i hear it was faster. and the rest everything is onboard i hate that. SOUNDCARD,VIDEOCARD,MODEM,LAN all onboard .. i got Sound blaster live 5.1 installed and i cancel the onboard sound card and right now im using the onboard video card :SIS630/730 crap i think. im sorry if my english is so bad, but im trying to writte.
    So im confused should i get radeon 8500 ddr 64mb vivo? or i need to get 8500 128mb ?
    im confused ...
  4. Ok let's get this straight. Either I'm not comprehending or you got two things mixed up. When you say VIVO, do you mean Video In/Video Out? Cause to have video in, I think you have to have a special kind of card, although I've heard that you can send things into your comp through the S-Video cable, but I'm not sure where I read this. If I find it, I'll post it here. The only reason you'd need VIVO is if you want to import stuff like from your digital camera. Otherwise if you just want to be able to hook up your comp to a TV, then all you need if TV-out which a lot of cards have.

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  5. OK . I saw in a STORE here where i live a RADEON 8500 DDR 64MB VIVO <--the name in the case say like that ok ? and i want to know if that is too expensive for $160 or there is other 8500 cards cheaper with the same extra stuff and if the extra stuff that have are any good to have ? can i get something better for a cheap price ? i have: 1700xp+ athlon 256mb and sound card modem all that stuff, but im using the same old hard drive from my older computer ?!is this bad for the perfomance of the new system ? and is there some stuff i can buy to get my computer working alot better ? or other cool stuff to have ? any 1 tell me some ideas PLZ thanks . ok and im trying to get radeon 8500 cause i read is better than gf3ti500 right? ..... i will be waiting for other reply
  6. There is a <A HREF="http://www.ati.com/products/pc/radeon64ddr/index.html" target="_new">Radeon DDR 64MB VIVO</A> (Optional Video in and out), but no Radeon 8500 DDR64 VIVO. (Check <A HREF="http://www.ati.com/products/builtdesktoppc.html" target="_new">ATI's Website</A>

    VIVO stands for video out. The VIVO has 2 RCA video jacks for input and output in addition to a DVI or VGA output plug.

    If it was simply a Radeon 8500 DDR 64, then go for it. It's a great card.

    If you want the power of a Radeon 8500 with the ability to have video input, I would recomend the All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500DV or the All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500 (Faster with 128 MB of ram)

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  7. That seems like a pretty good deal. And I'm gonna guess you're not form the US. Therefore, you won't be able to buy from newegg.com anyways.(they don't ship internationally. I live in Canada and I can't get it, grrr...) What kind of hard drive do you have? And what kind of work you going to be doing with your comp. If it's just playing computer games, then the hard drive shouldn't really affect you, unless you're playing off your hard drive. And yes for the most part the R8500 beats the GF3 Ti500 and the Ti500 is about $40 more expensive. Now what would be the point in that? Oh yeah almost forgot to ask, we're talking $US right?

    I think you said that your RAM is probably SDRAM right? That could kinda keep your system performance down quite a bit. If you're willing to do a bit of an upgrade, I'd suggest: (I'll use prices from newegg.com as a reference)

    1. 256MB Samsung PC2700 - $80US
    2. Gigabyte GA-7VRX, VIA KT333 5P1A3D - $96

    For a total of $176US. You could just move everything onto this mobo. Some stores here will buy computer components back, so you could see if you have anything where you live. Just sell your RAM and mobo.

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  8. cool thanks all. i live in USA . i just dont speak english good and i always speak spanish . i will try to do that but im not sure now maybe i will change this mobo in some other month . and im getting 8500 ddr 64mb i think .
  9. Hey congrats on the new title. Also good luck with your R8500. I still think that maybe you should consider a GF4 Ti4200. Or at least wait a week or two and then I'm sure prices will drop a bit more.

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  10. Hmm, the last review of the R8500 with the 6058 that I saw at HardOCP, then R8500 was less than 5% slower than the Ti4200.

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  11. Ohh... but that also depends on what processor it was. If it was on a slower system, the Ti4200 doesn't shine so much. And also NVidia hasn't released drivers recently, soo.... I dunnno, the Ti4200 is a bit more expensive than the R8500. It's really his call. I just gave my opinion.

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