Hard Drive Dead - Data Recovery??

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My external hard drive started to make a bit of a vibrating noise a few
weeks ago, and instead of taking action, I ignored I am getting a
message whenever I plug it into the usb port as follows:-

"The File or Directory is corrupt and unreadable"

I have a lot of stuff on there I would like to get back. Are there any good
applications out there that can do any sort of data recovery or is it a case
of sending it off somewhere?? If sending it away is the only option, does
anyone have any recommendations on who to use (with costs??) I am in the
UK - Midlands.
Is this something that any local pc shop can do, or is it specialised


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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

    Hi Albert,

    I can't advise a UK recovery recovery company but I can advise that
    you unplug your disk until you find one. Just running it in a damaged
    state can cause irretrievable track damage resulting in permanent data

    In answer to your question about whether recovery can be done by a
    local PC shop: no way! This sort of thing required a dust-free clean
    room and specialists.

    Many data recovery companies really gouge since they know they've got
    you in a bad spot. The best price I've found in the US is from
    Nationwide Data Recovery in Miami. They charge $100-$500 with no charge
    if data is not recovered. I know that doesn't help you much in the UK
    but you might use that as a price point to try to match.

    If your data is not critical, you might try one of two things: 1) the
    freezer trick. Many people seem to be able to get data back by throwing
    the drive in a ziplock bag, putting it in the freezer overnight and
    then, in the morning, plug it in and copy off the data before it warms
    up. NOTE: I've never done this myself and I cannot see why it would
    work. ;)

    The other thing you might try is simple data mining with data recovery
    software. Here are a few freeware data recovery tools which you can

    Again, don't mess around with your drive if your data is critical!

    Good luck!
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