Constant freezing in games with GF3

I'm sure you guys read many of these posts, and I'm truely sorry for the inconvenience but I've tried so many things that were advised in the other posts and it didn't work...

Ok I'll just explain what happened/happening...
I just got an MSI G3Ti200 Pro vt-128, and installed it in my system... The thing is is that I had a TNT2 M64 previously and the funny thing is is that card also made the computer freeze in 3d games but not so frequently so i really didn't care much...
But now with this card, it seems to freeze 2 min into the game and it's driving me crazy! I have the latest drivers, and my cpu temp seems fine... I just don't know what the problem is... can anyone help please?

My specs:
Soundblaster PCI
the geforce 3 card
384 megs RAM
300W ps
1.2ghz thunderbird athalon
Another network card
48x cd rom
4x cd burner
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  1. load default or optimal setting in bios and test the card again.
  2. Nope, I already done that and since my ram is mismatched i have to time the ram so it won't freeze in windows...

    Anyways, I flashed the bios and that still didn't help...
    I also have an onboard sound card.. could that conflict with the soundblaster? I really don't think so cause I disabled it in the bios.
  3. sounds like a power issue to me (the gf3 needs more power than ur old card, hence more crashes)...what power supply do you have?
  4. hahah i figured it out...
    it was the damn mismatched ram after all..
    i took out the 128 mg ram stick because it was a pc100 unlike the 256 one that was a pc133...
    i think i'll buy another 256 pc133 to compensate for my losses...

    hehe thanx for the help guys...
  5. Not very likely! I´ve seen the Geforce3 Ti200 128MB work perfectly with a 300W PSU in a 1,6GHz XP with DVD, CD-RW and 2 HDD. My friend has this setup, and its working 100%!
  6. I didn't think that that would really matter. I thought that your RAM would just run at the slowest RAM there is in your RAM slot. I'm not sure about this. If I'm wrong someone feel free to correct me.

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  7. A good 300W power supply from a reliable brand will most often be okay. However, if u get one bundled with a case you got for $7 on the weekly special on the internet, you may run into some stability problems. Im glad youre friends computer works :)
  8. Mixing and matching RAM regardless of brand or bus speed is a bad idea. Very bad. Some boards are more forgiving than others, but the rule of thumb is never mix and match RAM.

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  9. Shoot, does the brand really matter?

    I was thinking of buying another 256MB stick at the same bus speed.
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