Having driver problems with msi gf3ti200

I have just purchased an Msi gf3ti200 pro-vt 128. I ran a benchmark with the drivers that came with it and got 6300. I then posted it on Mad onion and found i had poor performance compared with the 28.90 detonators i downloaded them and to my horo when trying to play cahmpions league the shirt colour formed big triangles that flashed on and off the screen. The 23.11 nvidia drivers caused the same problem, so i went back to the 21.83's. Help Me!! Also should i use tripple or double frame buffer?
<A HREF="http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3411835 " target="_new">http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3411835 </A>
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  1. Well looking at your scores, I noticed that you bus is at 66MHz, which doesn't really make any sense. Also you should have your Z-Buffer Depth set to 24bit, so to be able to better compare with the other scores. Just use the default settings when doing the test and see if that helps. Try using the 28.32 drivers since they are the current official drivers. See if that helps.

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