Trouble Logging Into Websites

seems i'm having trouble logging into anything on the web.

with a certain forum, if i check "remember me", it brings me right backto the login screen after i enter my username/password. if i dont check that box, it logs in fine.

having trouble with other sits as well, i cant even log into them at all. every time i enter my user/pass it just brings me back to the main page again, as if i never logged in.

Windows update also gives me an error after i try to scan for updates.

Strange thing is, this computer is set up EXACTLY like another one i have, and that one browses the web just fine.

i've tried setting the security settigns all the way down, as well as reinstalling IE from the windows xp CD. no effect at all.

anyoen have any ideas?
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  1. Sounds very much like your browser is rejecting cookies too zealously.

    Instead of the security tab, turn down the setting on the privacy tab.

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  2. did that

    no effect
  3. What browser are you using? IE (what version?) or Mozilla - ???

    If IE 6.0 - try using default settings again for Security, Privacy and Advanced for now until you isolate the problem. Does sound like a cookie issue.

    Have you installed a firewall and set it to reject cookies?

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  4. IE 6.0

    I've tried default settings, lowest settings, custom settings, nothing changes anything.

    I have a firewally, but i also have 4 other computers running through that firewall that run perfectly with respect to cookies and logins.

    I've tried disabling the firewall but it didnt affect anything either.
  5. I have the same problem before. My computer used to do widows auto update and then it stopped working. That is right after microsoft changed something on windows update site. If you have a router you probably want to update the firmware. If it doesn't work then, probably you need to buy a new router that's more compatible with XP
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