2 Nintendo games ID-please help

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Here I'll give as detailed description of these 2 games as possible:

1. It was a nice platform action-adventure game. At the beginning you
had to choose one of a few levels (but all had to be completed anyway).

I don't remember what the hero you controlled at the beginning looked
like, but I remember that in every level you had to set some character
free in order to continue the game. Since then, that character was a
member of your team and could be controlled by you (you could "switch"
between the heroes, you didn't control all of them simultaneously).
Different characters had different abilities, which often were
necessary to complete consecutive levels. For example, one of those
characters was a little boy who could reach different places which were

unreachable for other heroes. Among other heroes there were some woman
(I don't remember anything particular about her) and man with a whip.
There's one more thing I remember: when you reached some places in the
game you were entering some special rooms where you were paying a card
game (the cards were tossed by a witch) and could win extra life (I
think so). It can sound strange and I don't remember more details, but
I described the game as well as I could-I think I played it about 10
years ago. One more thing: this game is not "Bucky O'Hare" as someone
suggested to me. In "Bucky" you also had to choose a level and
controlled different characters, but it's absolutely not that.

2. It was a side-scrolled platform action game, the title of which I've

never known (the title on the cartridge was in Japanese, of course I
don't have this cartridge anymore). My version of the game was bugged
and it always hanged after second level I guess. However, in some place

there was a secret passage which teleported you to one of further
levels. There were some huge statues in that level (I remember they
looked like Oscar statues) and boss at the end of that level was some
big snake
spreading many small snakes. One more important thing: after every
level the hero you controlled gained one fragment of some
puzzle-picture and placed it in the right place on some wall (it was
shown in a short animation after every level). Unfortunately, due to
bugs in the game I mentioned before I couldn't complete more than 2 or
3 levels so I have no idea what the whole picture was supposed to show.

I played this game long time ago and not for a long time (mainly
because the version I owned was bugged or maybe the cartridge was
damaged mechanically). Someone suggested to me it could be game
entitled "Karnov", but I'm not sure if this is it (I saw it and I think

it's not).

If anyone of you knows the games I'm writing about, please write their
titles here (I'd be even more grateful for some links, maybe even to
pages with these games roms).
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    Any suggestions?
  2. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.nintendo (More info?)

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    > Any suggestions?

    Any other details? Such as colours, backgrounds, looks of characters etc The
    more the better.
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