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Hi everyone,

Anyone know how to change the registry in Win-8, to change the SATA configuration from IDE to AHCI or RAID, and get a good installation?

The knomes at MS have been twiddling again, the HKLM / System / CCS / services / MsAhci subkey is no place to be seen in Win-8, so you can't make the same easy registry edit the way you could in Win-7. No word from MS.

You have to be extra careful in just trying an edit to see, because if you make "bad" choice, and reboot, change the SATA config setting, and you get their friendly BSOD, you won't be able to get back to the registry to change it back.

Anyone found the correct edit to make that happen?
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  1. last I checked IDE, AHCI, and RAID were all hardware level, and the OS was rather agnostic on the point other than exactly where things start and stop.
    To be honest I am just posting to see if someone does have an answer so I could potentially learn something
  2. Hi again,

    Anyone found the answer to how to change the IDE mode to AHCI after a Win-8 installation is complete?

    The HKLM / System / CCS / services / MsAhci subkey that was in Win-7 which could be easily modified, has been taken out of the Win-8 registry!
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