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Wario 3 Game Boy Color

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September 4, 2005 10:05:14 PM

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I keep looking for walk-throughs on Wario 3, game boy color. I only find
the walk throughs created by ShdwRlm3.
I don't think his gameboy is like mine. He says to do things that simply
are not on my set (and what are cheat keys anyway? My game boy does not
have any buttons to enter cheat codes")

I have run through
A) N1-Out of the Woods
B) N2-The Peaceful Village
C) N3-The Vast Plain (and this is where there is a huge variation, He says
first off climb the vine and grab a coin. There IS no vine on my gameboy. I
have to jump on a frog platform to lower the lift, and down there, play an
game of golf to get into the secret chest.. oh and grab a coin while I'm
down there. But there is no vine......
D) W1-Desert Ruins
E) W2-The Volcano's Base
F) W4-A town in Chaos
G) W3-The Pool Of Rain
I cannot get anywhere in the Pool of Rain. I can't swim in the water, or
jump high enough to get on the platform and see what's there.
I have played all the previous levels (night and day) and still can't seem
to make further progress.

There are so many places and things in ShdwRlm3's walkthrough that do not
resemble my experience with this game, that at times, I'm wondering if we
are even playing the same game.
He says early in the game to pick up and throw things. I tried things the
way he said, and my game just doesn't work that way. I have yet to be able
to pick something up and toss it.

Is there a better gameboy walkthrough anywhere?
Since this is as far as I can get in the game, I haven't even found the
following as yet. Thanks in advance
N4 Bank of the Wild River
N5 The Tidal Coast
N6 Sea Turtle Rocks
W5 Beneath the Waves
W6 The West Crater
S1 The Grasslands
S2 The Big Bridge
S3 Tower of Revival
S4 The Steep Canyon
S5 Cave of Flames
S6 Above the Clouds
E1 The Stagnant Swamp
E2 The Frigid Sea
E3 Castle of Illusions
E4 The Colossal Hole
E5 The Warped Void
E6 The East Crater
E7 Forest of Fear

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September 5, 2005 8:41:18 PM

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Try looking at

They tend to have some fairly decent walkthroughs for games like this.
September 5, 2005 8:41:19 PM

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Thank you, I guess I need to subscribe and pay.
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September 5, 2005 10:14:27 PM

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"diddy" <> wrote in message
> in thread news:D fhous$q0j$ "Lorfarius"
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> Thank you, I guess I need to subscribe and pay.

No its free. Here ive even done the search for you:
September 5, 2005 10:14:28 PM

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You are right. And I thank you. Unfoirtunately it's the same game FAQ i
already have that's confusing and not linear to the game i have., It's as
if it were written for an NES system and not gameboy, yet it's advertised
for that platform.

Thank you so much for your efforts. It's certainly not your fault that
ShdwRlm3 seems to write an incoherent FAQ for warioland 3
September 6, 2005 6:28:39 PM

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Have u look at Nintendo? I think they offer all their game guides free 4
a time-limited period.