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Hi all,

I got a ti4400 and 512 med of 333 ram. What would you suggest setting the AGP Aperture size to ? I used to set it at 1/2 the amount of system ram (on my old systems), but the card has 128 meg so does it need alot of system on top of that ? I bumped it up to 256 but now my Camanche4 seems to studder a bit.... Does that make any sense ?


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  1. No it doesn't, but it is also normal, that Commanche won't benefit from any new card. Fact is, it is only CPU intensive to such a level, that a 2.4GHZ P4 gives roughly 48FPS on 1024*768 with a GF4! So do not bother upping any graphical implications in this game, but do look in 3d Mark 2001 SE for an updated score!

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  2. i would say to set your aparture size to 256. it should usually be no more than half of your system ram.. but if u experience instability while u running 3dmark then set it back to 128. most plp put theirs on 128
  3. How do you tell your FPS in C4 ?

    Also, some said that fast writes has some bad efects in some games, and in 3d Mark 2001 SE. I am sure it did not studder before I flashed my BIOS, and I am not sure if I had FW on before the flash. (It only studders on occasion - seems like lag)

    <A HREF="\rig.htm" target="_new">Here</A> is a link to my system specs.


    <b><font color=blue>Paramedics - Does this mean there is always two of them ?</font color=blue></b>
  4. THe best thing you can do is to play with it yourself and see what results you get.

    I've found that for my 8500 64MB, a 64MB appature gives me the best performance with 512MB ram. However, it seems that they could also be application specific, so some apps benifit more than others. Try C4 at several different levels and see what works best for you.

    As for Fastwrites, that's also up in the air as to how much it helps, if it does help at all. Try testing that out too. Just do one test at a time so you know what you gain and loose from what.

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  5. With modern systems and video cards you should never need to go over 128MB for aperature size. But as usuall just try it on different settings. I personally use 64MB still and get the better performance than with 128 or 256. I have 512MB PC2100 and 64MB GF2 Pro card.

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