Revolution to offer old NES, SNES & N64 games..

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That's great, and the main reason why I will be buying Revolution and
not an XBOX 360 (while I patiently wait for the price of a PS3 to come
down at least $100)

But...I think they have claimed 'virtually all games', will this
include all the NES versions of Tecmo Bowl and more importantly, will I
be able to get a Punch-Out WITH Mike Tyson intact??

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    In my opinion, Nintendo is probably going to release "virtually all" of
    *it's* games.

    Nintendo would probably release "virtually all" of the games made for
    it's consoles on the Revolution the day MTV releases episodes of Beavis
    and Butthead on DVD with all the music video-watching intact: There are
    too many people to pay off before you could actually do it.
    It raises all sorts of questions, like should they be able to release
    Goldeneye for N64 now that Rare is owned by Microsoft? What about
    games made by defunct companies?

    Does anybody know the legalities when a company makes a game for a
    Nintendo system? Does Nintendo own any part of the game?

    Either way, a ton of popular NES and Super NES games have already been
    released for GameBoy Advance.

    I wonder if the Revolution will have any of Nintendo's portable games
    available for download.
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    there is a list of old games already made for the revolution.
    it includes golden eye and perfect dark.
    it was released some months ago, and it had like 200 games.

    it would be great to make all of the virtual console games to work with
    the remote controller by combinations of moves and tilts, like for snes
    tiliting the controler would be like using the dpad, and using the dpad
    like using the abxy buttons, and tilting the controller in the vertical
    axis to be like r or l.
    and even tougth for those games to have online gaming. it would be an
    even smarter move for nintentdo and that would make the console quasi
    perfect. and a must have for everyone. or at least a must play.
    they may be even n64 games made for that buttonless controler even
    without the joystick addon.
  3. All I want is a lagless Perfect Dark, and all my NES games preserved forever. =)

    And I suppose in another ten years I'll also want all my N64 games preserved too... They still work perfectly for now though.
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