Finally!! I gotit..radeon8500 &ihave some question

my system specs:1700xp+ sdram 256mb blah blah blah.. and my new HOT girl radeon 8500 64mb ddr wich im very happy with.

OK now the name i see on the box i buy it say: Multi-display edition Radeon8500 Evil master II 250mhz/250mhz edition.. tvout/Crt/s/w dvd/ dvi and came with a game inside : RUNE .. well im very happy and jumping to every part of my house HELL YEAH!!.. ok what are some thing i need to know about this card ? any cool stuff i can do with this or a way to make it work better or where i can Find The Best Driver for this Vcard? IMMMM HAPPPPPY.. what can i do now? im playing quake3,midotwn madness2, some other games and i dont know any other good to play with this cute card. oh and Please can i know any website or guide for Setting i can find for best use for games ? im not sure this card is running so fast like 100fps how can i see that when i play quake3 ? PLZPLZPLZPLZ thanks ..!@#$%^&*(*&^%$##@
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  1. Dude, I'm glad you're happy but please calm down a little before you have a stroke!

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  2. You should DL 3dMark2001SE and get your scores to see how fast it's running. Download the newest drivers from the ATI website (get the built by ati drivers, they're better). 9031 or 6071 depending on if you have 98/ME or 2K/XP.

    The card will play just about any game. Look for games with Truform for extra quality.

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    that a only ATI website.
    It give you all leak driver and also a tweaker for your Radeon card (all ati card).There also a forum for help or you can ask here for help or way to tweak.

    I use bolth driver/tweaker

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