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I just updated my Silicon Image SATA driver from the Windows Update Site and now my computer won't boot. It reaches the screen where it says Windows XP is starting and it goes back to boot again. I tried to start in Safe Mode as well as last known good settings but it does the same thing. I then tried to repair with a reinstall from the Windows CD but no luck. I have a backup drive and can boot from this drive but the files are two weeks old. I can examine my damaged boot drive but have no idea what files to replace. Just looking for a quick and easy fix without having to copy my old drive to replace the damaged files (and lose 2 weeks work - although I have my data files). BTW, my boot drive is an IDE drive (not SATA). Thanks in advance for any help.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by vsmith30 on 12/28/03 09:17 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. I'd suggest uninstalling all drivers for the SATA interface, then power off and reboot to let Windows find the original drivers (which, apparently, DID work) on the XP CD.

    The procedure is fairly simple-

    Hit Windows key+Pause/Break

    Click on the Hardware tab

    Click the Device Manager button

    Click on the plus sign to the left of System Devices

    Go down the list until you see the entry for the SATA controller

    Highlight it and click the X on the top menu to remove the device

    That should do it. Windows will most likely ask for confirmation and ask you if you want to reboot now or later. Click 'Later' or 'No'. Then click the Start button and choose to power off the machine. That should let Windows purge the bad drivers. If that doesn't work, you may have to do it again, except that you'll need to go through the first part here, then go into your BIOS config menu and disable the SATA controller, reboot to let WIndows completely remove the drivers, then reboot and re-enable the controller, then reboot to Windows and let it find the 'new' hardware.

    If all that doesn't fix it, I think your only option will be a clean install, but it really should fix things.

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  2. what's your chipest?nforce2 or intel 865PE or higher?
    if you have nforce2 with your sysyterm,that's easy,set the boot device to CDROM in bios and use a WinXP CD to boot your computer,uninstall all the drivers and install them again,that probably will work..
    if you have intel chipest with your systerm,it's a bit complex.the guy upstairs have said all i want to say,thus i won't say any,just follow him you may solve the problem i think...

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  3. Or, after you select the device, right click, select Properties, go to driver Tab And select Roll Back Driver. confirm and when it's done, reboot.100% safe!
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