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Is it worth getting the 128 meg board or just stay with the 64 meg board. I was looking at the ATI R-8500le.
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  1. it depends on what system u have a cpu with a speed less than 1.5 ghz it is not gonna make a lot of differnce.
  2. I have a AMD 900 T- BIrd now and I am planning to upgrade to a 1800 Xp in the next few weeks. I have Windows XP and 458 ram. Currantly I have a G-Force 2 MX 400 64meg. I would like to get the good water effects that are in Morrowind. But I cant with the card I have. They say that the Ati 8500 is in a close race with the G-Force 4 Ti4200.
  3. Okay, an 8500 or a GF4 Ti4200 will seriously trash that MX400 you have. And the XP 1900 is just fine for these boards. Currently the 4200 is the faster (especially when overclocked), but I don't know if the supply problems have been sorted.
  4. I'd go with the 128MB R8500LE. It will most likely have 3.3ns BGA DDR RAM. That RAM runs very cool and is highly overclockable! You can probably get 325MHz (650MHz DDR) out of it. At that speed, the R8500LE 128MB will probably match a Ti4400 in performance.

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  5. You think that the Radeon 8500 would be better than a G-Force 3 Ti200 64 meg?...
  6. For sure, the R8500 beats the entire GF3 series but is just below the GF4 series in performance. However, with a little bit of overclocking, an R8500LE 128MB retail(make sure it's built by ATI not powered by ATI)should match the performance of the Ti4400.

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  7. There are some that is powerd but not built bt?
  8. Yes, ATI licenses their graphics cores to 3rd-party manufacturers.

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  9. do you know how well perform the powercolor radeon 8500? It's called the evil master II
  10. I have the ATI RADEON 8500/128 MB made by ATI 275/275 and I love it. It is far better than the GeForce 3 Ti 200 I replaced.
    I have not yet had any trouble with anything running on my system, both game and application wise.
    CompUSA and Best Buy sell the 8500/128 MB for $249 and the 8500LE/128 MB for $199
    I went with the NON LE $249 for the Full Speed Core and Memory and the added S-Video out and DVI out so if I ever get a Flat Panel I'll be digital ready.
    DVD play back is also AWESOME, I even removed my Real Hollywood Plus decoder because the ATI card looks as good or better.

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  11. What are you cpu specs?
  12. Quote:
    For sure, the R8500 beats the entire GF3 series

    Dude, what about thgs own benchmarks showing a ti500 beating the 8500!!!

    the world is not only open gl, and the world is not only 3dmark2001 man!

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  13. Where have you been Matisaro the last 3 driver releases and leaks? DX has been vastly improved lately.

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