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I need to replace some video cards in some Dell Optiplex low profile desktop PC's. These are 2Ghz Pent 4's. Mainly I'm running Mechanical Desktop 4. Anyone know of an online retailer that has a decent selection of low profile vid cards?? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

:cool: Save heating costs on your home, overclock your PC!!! :cool:
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  1. Then reality struck. Over 99% of the people who are silly enough to buy these would never THINK of adding a video card, either too uninformed, too lazy, or they don't need it. And manufacturers can't cater to the less than 1% left.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. It looks like Matrox G450/G550 are available in both ATX and Low profile form-factors.

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  3. Thanks poorboy. I'll scan around and see what I can find online. It's a much better response then the slapping I took from the previous message!! Especially for machines I didn't buy.

    :cool: Save heating costs on your home, overclock your PC!!! :cool:
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