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The post i posted here last Sat/Sun did not appear here???

So here's my plea for help again. I bought
a Dell Latitude cp m233st from a private seller. The problem i'm having
with it is
when i hit the power button to boot up,
the Indicator Lights ome on and i can hear
the CD-ROM Module spinning.

Everything runs fine for 10 Sec at which
time it (Computer) powers Off. Battery
at 100%, but it does the exact same thing
weather using the battery or the Adapter.

If anyone has a solution for this problem
I would be most appreciative to you all.
Thank you.

Capt. John
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  1. i have a latitude CP M233SP and it does the same thing,, i turned it on and i hit the keyboard right in the middle and it started up like normal. Something might be loose i thing but i dont care i use it like one every 5 years for fun
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