Problems with new graphics card - GeForce 3 Ti 200

Can someone please offer me some advice, I just brought a new GeForce 3 Ti 200 (SP7000T2) and am running the following:

Win XP Pro
512 Meg RAM
1GHZ AMD Athlon
Soundblaster live 5.1

I have installed the latest BIOS settings and the latest driver. The problem is that my PC keeps crashing when playing games (Renegade, Jedi II and even Risk II!)

Can anyone offer me some advice on how I may solve this problem.

My motherboard isnt overheating at all and its not overclocked.

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  1. Is it an instant reboot crash? If so, then it's likely a power issue. What kind of power supply unit do you have?

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  2. Is your copy of WinXP Pirated?

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  3. Its a standard 230v but im not sure of what hits the motherboard. Any way I can find out?

  4. Allmost all powersupplys have a lable on them that states thier wattage. 230,250,300,400 etc. Or it has a lable that states the wattage on each leg or line.

    Or something similar to the above numbers(these were made up out of my head for reference) post these numbers and it will tell us a lot more.

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  5. Having a pirated copy of XP wouldn't do anything like he is describing.
    But it does sound something like a powersupply problem. Maybe his PS doesn't have the wattage to support the GF3 running a game?...perhaps unlikely, but does it crash out immediately, or can you actually play the game for a bit?
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